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GTI Information to Be Available Through S&P Capital IQ’s Corporation Records Program

(GYTI) announced today that its company information would be made available via S&P Capital IQ Corporation Records Listing Program. As part of the program, a full description of Gyrotron Technology Inc. will be published in the Daily News Section of S&P Capital IQ Corporation Records, a recognized securities manual for secondary trading in up to 38 States under the Blue Sky Laws. S&P Capital IQ Corporation Records is available in print, CD-ROM, and via the web at www.netadvantage.standardandpoors.com as well as through numerous electronic vendors.

Gyrotron Technology‘s Solar Encapsulation Demonstration Facility is Operational

Bensalem, PA —Gyrotron Technology, Inc. has solar encapsulation demonstration center. The center demonstrates GTI’s newly developed high productivity technology for laminating multiple types of solar modules using commercially available films.

Gyrotron Technology‘s Autoclave-Free, Glass Lamination Demonstration Facility is Operational

(GYTI), Inc. glass lamination demonstration center is now operational. The center demonstrates GTI’s newly developed technology for producing laminated glass with standard, commercially available films and without the use of an autoclave.

A New Way of Heating Glass

Everyone in the glass business knows how space and time-intensive melting and processing glass is, where every degree or minute saved is valued. Long furnaces, hours in autoclaves, huge glass melting tanks…

Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
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