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Gyrotron Beam Equipment

beam-equipmentThe Gyrotron Beam industrial installation consists of the Gyrotron, power supplies, control and monitoring equipment and specialized work area.  Basic components are available through GTI and partner vendors, and are versatile to accommodate any application.

The specialized work area is custom designed and manufactured for each environment. As a rule, Gyrotron Beam installations can be integrated into existing production lines, with minimal conversion costs and downtime. The Gyrotron Beam can work in tandem with existing equipment. Space requirements for Gyrotron Beam equipment are minimal.

The Gyrotron

beam-equipment1beam-equipment2A Gyrotron is a high powered vacuum tube which generates millimeter-wave electromagnetic waves by bunching electrons with cyclotron motion in a strong magnetic field. Output frequencies range from about 20 to 250 GHz, covering wavelengths from microwave to the edge of the terahertz gap. Typical output powers range from tens of kilowatts to 1-2 megawatts.

Length – 7’, weight – 400 lbs (with magnet)
Product life is 8+ years and products are upgradeable.

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