Beam Glass Joining/Sealing

Beam Glass Joining/Sealing

The Gyrotron Beam can be targeted exclusively on the joint matrix (braze, solder, frit, etc.) Allowing the use of high temperature brazes and solders on materials with limited heating requirements. This is possible due to ultra-rapid heating that is faster than thermal conductivity. Gyrotron Beam joining processes can be applied in numerous industries where the need for high performance joints in both analogous and dissimilar material joining is paramount.

glass-to-glassGlass-to-Glass Joining

The sealer/frit is heated exclusively by the Gyrotron Beam and glass remains cooler. The temper properties/flatness can be protected. This opens new product avenues like insulated windows and tempered glass displays.

ceramic-to-ceramicCeramic-to-Ceramic Joining

High performance ceramic parts are the result of the Gyrotron Beam joining where super-high joint strength is obtained. The Beam is focused on braze that can have any melting point.  It can be used with melting points higher than the permissible temperature of the ceramic materials being joined.

sealing-glassSealing glass and ceramics vessels

The Gyrotron Beam focuses microwave power to rapidly and selectively overheat required areas or only sealing material. This increases production rate, improves quality and yield, reduced energy costs, and requires a smaller manufacturing area.

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