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Autoclave-Free Glass Laminating

Gyrotron Technology Inc. developed a new non-autoclave laminating technology for producing laminated glass and solar panels. This technology provides continuous production of any kind of laminated glass products. The process is suitable for clear, coated, mirrored or colored glass in an annealed or tempered state. The process is also used for laminating temperature and pressure sensitive products, as well as those with decorative and functional inserts.

The main principle of the developed non-autoclave glass laminating technology is the exclusive heating of an adhesive film in a low-pressure environment via shortwave infrared radiation.  At the beginning of the process, this radiation penetrates through the glass and heats the film to a higher temperature than the surrounding glass sheets. As a result, the air, moisture, and gases that would otherwise be trapped are completely pumped out while the film is not sticking to the glass. The continuous heating leads to increasing temperatures of the glass sheets and the film then sticks to the glass completely.

The gyrotron process results in high-quality laminating because there are no gases or steam surrounding the film.  All thermoplastic or thermoset adhesive films absorb short wave radiation better than glass, so standard, commercially-available adhesive films such as PVB, EVA, TPU, etc. work well with this technology.

Gyrotron’s non-autoclave laminating technology is free from the problems of the existing laminating technology that involves extended heating under high temperatures and high pressure (4MPa-20MPa).  The existing technology requires intensive labor and maintenance, as well considerable capital expenditure to set up the necessary costly apparatus, such as autoclaves. Gyrotron’s more cost effective method can be used for the manufacturing of:

Benefits of Gyrotron’s technology include:

  • Significant cuts in product costs – ROI possible within one year
  • High yield: no breakage; no batch processing headaches
  • Minimal climate control
  • Tempered, E-low coated, solar, and mirror glass can be laminated

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