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What is Gyrotron

Gyrotron is the first and only microwave generated in the form of a beam.  This revolutionary process heater is a distinct cut above common microwave (2.45GHz). The Gyrotron Beam has a high frequency (between 30 to 110 GHz) that creates exceptionally high power density of up to 15 KW/mm2 (10,000 KW per sq. inch). Gyrotron users can shape the beam to a point, a strip, or even a layer of heat. Once properly shaped, users can direct the beam by a motion system set to scan, oscillate, or focus the heat exactly where it is needed.

Gyrotron Beam’s milimetric wavelength ensures that the energy is used in heating the material being processed, not the space around it, thereby creating high efficiencies. Because of its ability to achieve volumetric, uniform heating at virtually any temperature, sensitive processes such as joining dissimilar materials, bending glass and processing semiconductors become elementary. This technology is instrumental in laying the groundwork for the creation of new products with unique properties.

Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
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Gyrotron Technology, Inc.
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