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Manufacturing processes today demand many capabilities from materials. Enhancements such as composite formulations, complex shapes, and multi-layer processes are subject to ever-increasing production speeds. The Gyrotron beam meets these needs by selectively heating one material while leaving others cool, focusing its energy only where needed by heating one layer or material through a surrounding layer. Thus, manufacturers can make the most of advanced product formulations.

The Gyrotron technology combines the focusing ability of a beam (like lasers or e-beams) with the volumetric heating capabilities of microwave. This results in ultra-fast, efficient thermal treatment of almost any material. Plastics, ceramics or glass, for example, can be joined by the Gyrotron beam without degrading their properties. A coating can be selectively melted, or parts can be overheated for precision bending.

The Gyrotron beam is a great technology to increase productivity. It provides rapid heating where local/exclusive heating is desirable, and maintains material integrity. It is energy-saving and imparts less impact on environmental conditions. The following are examples of some Gyrotron beam technologies:


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