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Gyrotron Beam Capabilities

The Gyrotron Beam allows heating:

  • Of ultra large, large, or small objects to any temperature with high accuracy, repeatability, and ultra rapidly
  • Continuously or sharp heat pulses can be created
  • In any product orientation
  • Selectively melting, drying, pre-firing
  • With precise and controllable temperature distribution
    – material can be heated uniformly or different temperature zones can be created
    – heating can be volumetrically or different layers (surfaces and the middle) can be heated to different temperatures
  • accelerate diffusion and synthesis processes

Ultra-rapid volumetric heating of non-metallic materials with heating rate of hundreds and thousands degree in one second

  • Selective heating of target region inside an exposed material
  • Volumetric heating of small and large objects uniformly through the thickness at normal and low pressure

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