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Beam Properties

Gyrotron beam based technology

Gyrotron Beam Properties The Gyrotron Beam is a new, efficient source of energy. Its high frequency and high energy concentration combined with the microwave nature of this novel product results in an energy source, different from any other. Unique properties include: ultra-rapid volumetric heating of non-metallic materials with heating rate of hundreds and thousands of degrees in one second selective heating of target regions inside an exposed material volumetric heating of small and large objects uniformly through varying thicknesses Ability to take any form, … Read More

Beam Equipment

Gyrotron beam based technology

Gyrotron Beam Equipment The Gyrotron Beam industrial installation consists of the Gyrotron, power supplies, control and monitoring equipment and specialized work area.  Basic components are available through GTI and partner vendors, and are versatile to accommodate any application. The specialized work area is custom designed and manufactured for each environment. As a rule, Gyrotron Beam installations can be integrated into existing production lines, with minimal conversion costs and downtime. The Gyrotron Beam can work in tandem with … Read More

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