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Gyrotron Technology‘s Solar Encapsulation Demonstration Facility is Operational

Bensalem, PA —Gyrotron Technology, Inc. has solar encapsulation demonstration center. The center demonstrates GTI’s newly developed high productivity technology for laminating multiple types of solar modules using commercially available films.

The patented technology and equipment provides continuous production of encapsulated cells. With a modular equipment design, the system can be configured to match line speeds and produce encapsulated modules as rapidly as needed. GTI’s technology does not require any pressure for encapsulation thus preventing panel breakage. GTI’s equipment set can be easily integrated directly into existing production lines. Neither vacuum bagging nor autoclaving is required. Additional benefits include reductions in capital, energy, labor, and floor space costs.

The demonstration line can process standard panels. Commercial lines will be offered in standard as well as custom sizes.

The solar industry has long awaited a high speed, inline system that does not require the use of pressure and is effective with virtually all films. Commercialization of new solar production technology and the increased need to drive down manufacturing costs, now more than ever, have made this a timely introduction.

About Gyrotron Technology Gyrotron Technology Inc. develops and commercializes industrial process technologies including glass laminators and those related to high-frequency microwaves, for glass, solar, advanced materials and semiconductors. Founded in 1998, Gyrotron Technology has create a portfolio of patented applications and knowhow servicing customers in the US, Europe and Asia. For more information visit: www.www.gyrotrontech.com or call +1 (215) 244-4740.

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