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Touch Panel Screen / LCD Display Lamination Provisional Patent Application Filed by GTI

Gyrotron Technology Inc. (PINKSHEETS: GYTI), a high performance industrial process technology company, announced that it filed a provisional patent application earlier this month for its equipment and technology for laminating cover glass to displays such as touch panels and LCD’s using adhesive film. This application seeks to broaden the patent coverage of GYTI’s already patented glass lamination technology and relates to production of handheld devices such as cellular phones and tablets, laptops or any other portable electronic devices, as well as larger devices such as television screens, kiosk screens, ATM screens and LCD modules. GYTI’s new process is based on GYTI’s existing autoclave-free laminating technology and equipment and has been successfully tested on the laboratory scale.

There are currently significant challenges in mass producing touch sensors and displays protected by laminated cover glass. Neither UV-curable resin (LOCA) nor optically clear adhesive film (OCA) provides the desired combination of quality and productivity for this rapidly growing market.

GYTI expects that its process will provide:

  • 1. Strong and reliable adhesion, good reliability, optical clarity, ability to rework and lower processing cost
  • 2. High (over 95%) bubble free first pass yield
  • 3. Short processing time needed for very high volume production

“We are very pleased that we have an opportunity to enter into this fast growing market,” said Dr. Vlad Sklyar, President of GYTI. “Laminating of displays and touch panels is a new and very large market opportunity for GYTI. There are close to one billion units made annually and we strongly believe that our technology will provide the industry with very significant cost savings and substantial process advantages.”

About Gyrotron Technology– (GYTI)
Gyrotron Technology develops and markets unique industrial technologies to a broad range of industries including glass, solar, and semiconductor. These technologies open new horizons, substantially enhancing productivity and cutting costs by, among other things, applying heat in a dramatically more efficient and effective manner than is possible with legacy technologies.

Please visit our website https://www.gyrotrontech.com/ or go to https://www.gyrotrontech.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/GYTI-PDFJAN-17.pdf for GYTI summary information.

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