Advantages Drying

GTI Advantages: Drying

A cost effective alternative for drying organic and non-organic materials such as minerals, ceramics, fiberglass, paints, polymers, wood, etc.

  • High power density under required processing temperatures -ideal for highly saturated materials
  • Exclusive heating of water or other liquid solvents inside and/or on surfaces without significant heating of dry material
  • Variable drying speeds (in area and time) during processing
  • Drying of heat-sensitive materials
  • Selective levels of dryness—down to molecular level
  • High energy efficiency for processing materials with compatible thickness to microwave wavelength

bild1 drying

Industrial microwave. wavelength – 12 cm (5”) Poor uniformity, hit-or miss

bild2 drying
Gyrotron Beam. wavelength – 5 mm (0.2”) excellent penetration and uniformity

Infrared and gas heating. wavelength – 7μ (0.0003”) heats from surface can burn

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