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Gyrotron Beam Solar Processing

solarcellannealingBecause of Gyrotron Beam high power density and frequency it heats semiconductor materials on glass exclusively and rapidly. Because of different glass and semiconductor absorption properties and short heating time, semiconductor layer can be heated to 1,000C and higher, keeping glass temperature below strain point. This allows using cheap soda lime glass, as well as tempered glass.
Gyrotron Beam processing not only reduces time and material cost but also creates better crystals because oriented crystallization can be realized. The necessary temperature distribution across the system can be achieved due the gyrotron’s ability to be focused selectively and heat rapidly. There are gyrotron applications for rapid heating of thin-layer a-Si, CIGS, Cd-Te, and other semiconductors.

solar processingThe Gyrotron Beam can be used preheating entire glass in vacuum for sputtering of the semiconductor materials. It cuts long vacuum preheating lines to a minimum size (around 1.5-2 glass lengths) and saves energy. The use of the gyrotron inside the sputtering chamber eliminates the need for heaters and reduces processing time.
Accuracy up to 1C can be achieved

solar processGLS laminating can also be applied to solar cells to reduce costs and greatly increase productivity.

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