Beam Equipment

What is Beam Equipment?


beam equipmentThe Gyrotron Beam industrial installation consists of the Gyrotron, power supplies, control and monitoring equipment and specialized work area. Basic components are available through GTI and partner vendors and are versatile enough for any application. The specialized work area is custom designed and manufactured for each environment. As a rule, Gyrotron Beam installations can be integrated into existing production lines, with minimal conversion costs and downtime, and can work in tandem with existing equipment. Space requirements for Gyrotron Beam equipment are minimal.


Length – 7′.weight – 400lbs(with magnet) Product life is more than 8 years and is upgradeable Specialized safety program is provided.

Gyrotron Beam Processes


  • Significant cuts in Product Costs – ROI in 1 year possible
  • High yield: no breakage; no batch processing headaches
  • Minimal climate control
  • Tempered, E-low coated, solar, and mirror glass can be laminated Affordable, retrofit-able, non-gyrotron process
  • Less personnel required: no need for pre-autoclave prep
  • High yield: no breakage; not batch processing headaches
  • Not sensitive to PVB, other interlayer, or environmental
    wetness – moisture is pumped out

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