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  • We Develop Heat-Treatment
    Processes For Many Industries

  • GTI is the World Leader
    In Developing
    Gyrotron Beam-based Technology

  • We Help to Find The Best Heating
    Process Solutions

What we do

GTI is committed to help its customers to use the best, most cost-effective, energy efficient thermal process heating solutions. GTI is an industrial technologies company that develops heat-treatment processes for many industries worldwide using  a revolutionary heat source, a high frequency microwave beam.  There are gyrotron beam developments for many industries and most processes, including what you see here. Use the bar at the left or click on the Process Headings above in the gold bar to navigate our site. If you have a thermal process requirement, please contact us. We are constantly developing new applications and look forward to discussing our technology solutions. … Read More

Sharing the Knowledge

High Performance Industrial Process Technology Video


Autoclave Free Laminating Using Infrared    Click Here to view Brochure

These technologies substantially enhance productivity and cut costs by, among other things, applying heat in a dramatically more efficient and effective manner than is possible with legacy technologies.